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Nanog International was established in Rome in 2005 where we operated under the brand name SmartBank. We were the first umbilical cord blood collection and cryogenic storage service in Italy, and we remain the market leader in what is now a very mature market. In our head office in Rome, and in regional centres throughout Italy, we have a highly-trained staff of fifty-five people.

We have stored over 5000 cord blood samples, and are now the only European company to be certified ISO 9001:2000 for human tissue procurement dealing in logistics, education, and distribution of cryogenic medical services in umbilical cord blood storage.

Our success in Italy led us to create an international network of cord blood banking services under an umbrella organisation with a new name - Nanog International.
Nanog now operates on three continents with cord blood banking services in Canada, Europe, the Middle East and India. Though SmartBank is still our trading name in Italy, we have opted for a name change internationally to avoid confusion with financial banking services.

Nanog is a Celtic word that refers, in Irish legends, to the mythical place of eternal youth. In the new millennium the word has been applied to the catalyst gene that acts upon stem cells to determine their fate, allowing them to grow into the many different cells that form the human body

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