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The Nanog International storage contract includes:

  • Shipping the Kit to parents
  • Antenatal information
  • Shipping sample to the UK in temperature-controlled packaging by international express courier authorised for the transportation of diagnostic samples
  • Antenatal blood testing
  • Processing the blood and laboratory tests required for cryogenic storage
  • Collection and maintenance of data in a database for 55 years
  • Certificate of cryogenic storage with laboratory test results
  • Storage of stem cells for 25 years (renewable)
  • Immediate availability of sample anywhere in the world, in the event of reuse (this is excluded only in a short list of countries; please enquire)
  • Taxes

There are no further costs or annual fees.

The total cost of the service is € 2.250,00 VAT inclusive, divided as follows:

  • Euro 250.00 VAT inclusive for the SmartKitT
  • Euro 2,000.00 VAT inclusive for the cryogenic storage service
Payment is made only after the placement of an order and the completion of registration with Nanog International

In addition, on request it is also possible to check HLA typing at a cost of 350.00 euro VAT inclusive. Payment must be made by bank credit transfer to Nanog International s.r.l.:

Banca Popolare di Sondrio
Agenzia 8 in Rome c/c 000005591X07 NANOG INTERNATIONAL s.r.l.
ABI (bank code): 05696 CAB (branch code): 03208 CIN: E
IBAN: IT 62 U 05696 03208 05696 03208 000005591X07

or by cheque or postal order directly to the Nanog International offices in Rome.


Our contract policy on reimbursements aims to protect parents in all possible circumstances

A) Termination of contract and possible reimbursement of fees

In the following cases, clients will be reimbursed for the cost of the service (excluding the cost of Kit):


If they do not send the sample, for whatever reason


If the collection is unsuccessful or if parents do not send the sample to the Laboratory


In the case described in article 8 of the Contract.


If it proves impossible to handle or preserve the sample for any reason (insufficient amount of blood, ongoing infection etc.).

(B) Withdrawal by client and part reimbursement

Nanog International will reimburse clients for the cost of the service, except for 350.00 euro VAT inclusive (withheld to partly cover processing costs), should the sample be insufficient for various medical applications, according to current scientific standards on quantity (500,000 CD34+ cells) and/or on quality (at least 50% of cells must be metabolically active) or due to the combination of these parameters, and the parents/guardians declare that want to terminate storage. This will not however affect their right to choose whether or not to interrupt cryogenic storage of the sample.

Reimbursements will be made by Nanog International within five days of receiving the requested documentation by bank credit transfer to a current bank account held by the parents signing the contract. Reimbursements must be requested in writing, by registered post or by email to the following address:


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